As we approach the festive season, students will start to get into the Christmas spirit and this is completely understandable. But this also means they will be hard to motivate during school hours and teachers often struggle to gain their students attention during this time of year. We are sharing some top tips on how to motivate and engage with your students during the holiday season.

Make an advent calendar

Something to motivate all students would be to build an advent calendar as a class to keep the excitement going but doing work at the same time. Once it’s done, you can add prizes and draw names from a hat each day as an incentive for students.

Teach somewhere else

It may be that your students need a change of scenery as it’ll help them feel motivated and relaxed. As it might be too cold to teach outside, you can always try the sports hall or anything interesting that may keep your students concentration at a high.

Interactive lessons

Students will have a ton of energy this time of year so why not harness their energy through interactive lessons? Fun things that will help motivate them, such as presentations and learning games.

Letting students teach

Getting students to talk about what things they are passionate about is another good way to channel their energy. This can be something they have learned about or something they would like to teach their peers about.

Take breaks

Taking little fun breaks when leading up to the Christmas holidays can be a good way to keep your students focused as they will appreciate this. Playing games, quizzes and anything Christmassy will make students look forward to school.

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