As the UK continues to experience a heatwave and hot weather over the next few weeks and with record breaking temperatures expected this upcoming weekend, it’s important to ensure you’re taking appropriate measures to take care of yourself as the end of term draws to a close. Here we’ve put together top tips and examples on how to take care of yourself and your students throughout the summer term. Keep reading to find out more.

Avoid the hottest part of the day

Limit the time your pupils are outside and try to introduce an earlier break or classroom-based activities during the summer term. By ensuring your pupils go outside in either the morning or late afternoon, they can still get fresh air whilst not over-heating. You could also avoid the sunniest spots outside by creating activities for pupils in the shade to encourage them to stay out of the sun. Don’t forget to still be encouraging them to drink plenty of water and to be using SPF 50 sun cream even in the shade.

Keeping your classroom cool

If it’s possible to shield sunlight, use the blinds or curtains to help block the sun so pupils can remain productive and focused on their school work. An alternative to this if you don’t have any blinds, you could hang a blanket or piece of cloth over the windows to help reduce the amount of sun entering the classroom. Unless there is a cooler breeze outside, keeping the windows closed will be more beneficial as you can reduce the amount of heat entering, which will keep the temperature down and keep the room more refreshed.

Bring in extra fans

Another way to tackle the heatwave, is to have extra fans in the classroom. Perhaps you could bring in fans from your own home, or ask the school if they have any spare to place in the perimeter of the room so everyone can feel the air? You could also encourage pupils to bring in their own portable fans, or create a task where you make some simple fans as part of a fun lesson.

Treats for you & your pupils

Trying to boost moral in the classroom as you come to the end of the academic year? Some simple fruit ice lollies could help! They’re also the perfect healthy cool-down snack for this hot weather.

Reduce your caffeine intake

Did you know drinking caffeinated drinks in hot weather and a heatwave can actually cause you to be dehydrated? This is due to caffeine increasing water loss. Instead stick to water, fruit juices or sport drinks with electrolytes to increase your energy.

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