We’re always looking for exceptional individuals to join the company and the addition of Sarah and Jemma in our education team earlier this year has certainly exceeded our expectations.

All of our employees are exceptional and come with a variety of experience and backgrounds, but Sarah and Jemma are unique because they’re ex teachers.

We already have fantastic industry knowledge and great relationships with both our candidates and clients, however with the addition of Sarah and Jemma, this has strengthened the team’s ability to understand the teaching world as experienced by a teacher.

Sarah joined us having worked in the education sector for over 10 years. She focused on supply work and even worked through Athona. Jemma worked at an academy school for six years, where she progressed to become the head of KS3 English.

Sarah and Jemma are already using their years of experience to good use. Having held training sessions to tell the team the ins and outs of what a teacher faces on a daily basis, we learned about the joys that come with teaching as well as the difficulties they often face.

The way we treat our candidates is a testament to our company’s dedication to affecting futures – that’s why we’re committed to finding outstanding individuals to work with us. If you’re interested in becoming a future employee for our fantastic company, get in touch today:

T: 01277 217777
E: careers@athona.com