‘A Thunk is a beguilingly simple-looking question about everyday things that stops you in your tracks and helps you start to look at the world in a whole new light.’

Gilbert, I. (2007) The Little Book of Thunks. Wales: Crown House Publishing

How to use a Thunk:

  • Use a Thunk to link to the topic being studied.
  • Use a thunk as the starter and plenary – have the students changed their minds based on the lesson?
  • Use a Thunk to simply get students thinking!

 For example:

  • What colour would a zebra be if you took away its stripes?
  • Does lined paper weigh more than plain paper?
  • Is it better to play well and lose, or play badly and win?
  • Can you cast a shadow in a dark room?

Thunks challenge students’ thinking immediately, encouraging them to share, justify and potentially argue their side of the story. Link the Thunk to the topic being studied or simply use them to boost enthusiasm and engagement.

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