Exam appeals

Changes to the rules governing exam remarks and appeals means students sitting their GCSEs, AS levels and A levels over the summer could find it harder to successfully appeal against results.

Exam regulator Ofqual has said too many students had been getting extra marks, and possibly a higher grade as a result, after requesting an exam remark when the original mark was ‘perfectly appropriate’.

Ofqual is changing its system this summer, so examiners are being told to only change a mark if there’s a clear marking error, which is likely to result in far less successful challenges.

It’s claimed this will leader to a ‘fairer’ system, however, The National Association of Head Teachers, and the Headmasters’ and Headmistress’s Conference, which represents private schools, said the new measures were fundamentally flawed.

Ofqual insists that the changes will make the system fairer for all pupils and claim that they have widespread support. Julie Swan, Ofqual’s executive director for general qualifications said “these changes will mean a level playing field for all students and help to improve public confidence in the marking system.”

Do you agree with the change of exam appeals? Are exams being fairly marked? Are remarks given too freely? Tell us your thoughts:

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