Whether you’re setting up your classroom this September for the first time as an NQT or it’s your tenth year of teaching, deciding how to organise your classroom can be an exciting task. It can however be overwhelming at times when creating lists of everything you want to include. Could you be missing any quick and easy tips that could help your classroom set up be stress free this September?

We took to Twitter to ask the experts for advice and created a list of tips and tricks from teacher’s across the UK. Here’s what they had to say:

Secondary Classrooms

Trying to show what your subject can be used for as a career? This clever ‘my name is’ wall display by Laura, @missgeog92, has been a massive hit. Laura’s been inspiring her pupils with what studying geography can lead to as a career, but you could easily use this idea for history, sociology or even English language.

The ‘my name is’ idea has been going down a storm on Twitter with Wayne, @mrgeog90, also using the idea for a window display.


Primary Classrooms

Struggling to organise your pens and pencils so they’re easily accessible? @MrSumpster has come up with this great idea of using a trolley. Now it can easily be moved around the classroom and with the colour coordination, your pupils can easily find what they’re looking for.

Struggling to think of what essentials might be for your classroom? Georgie from @just_teachuk shared some excellent resources that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Here’s a fun and inviting way of encouraging your pupils to learn phonics by @MissFJohnson.

General Classroom Advice

Looking for new ideas on current topics to discuss with your class? Head to @BBC_Teach to join Newsround’s exclusive Facebook group for teachers.

Want to come up with the perfect seating plan that is designed for all development needs? Take a look at this handy video by @TeachStarter to find the best one for you.

We loved this advice from @miss_f_tweets that your classroom doesn’t need to be Pinterest-perfect, the main goal is creating an inviting classroom that your pupils can enjoy learning in!

One of the most important tips we’ve found was from @Lg025 – don’t stress too much about perfecting your classroom, take time to relax and enjoy the process of starting a new school year.

A massive thank you to everyone that contributed to this blog! Do you have any other tips or tricks you would include for setting up your classroom this September? We’d still love for you to get involved and let us know your thoughts.


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