Teaching after Retirement

With the end of the academic year approaching, many teachers will be retiring from the profession and leaving their school. However, retirement doesn’t have to mean the end of teaching.

Many of those retiring still love teaching but don’t want all the extra work goes with it, so lots of retiring teachers choose to enjoy the benefits of working as a supply teacher:


Working as a supply teacher is totally flexible. You can work as little or as often as you want, so you can still enjoy a quiet life and still enjoy teaching.

You can spend quality time with family and friends, holidays can be taken whenever you want, no more waiting for the end of term! There are not many professions who are able to offer that sort of flexibility.


Supply teaching means a much lighter workload. You teach the lessons and then go home! No planning and marking, no homework to set or parents evenings to prepare for.


As well as a lighter workload, you can also have more variety than you would have had in a permanent role.

You may teach different year groups, cover different subjects and work in many different schools, no two days are the same!


You have total control over your bookings. You let us know your availability, the location you would like to work in, year groups you would like to teach etc and we do our best to find a role to suit you.

Letting us know what you enjoy (or want to avoid) means that future bookings are suited to you – you also have the ability to say no, so there is no pressure from us, if you fancy a week off, you can take the week off!

It is a great way of earning extra money, working flexibly and still doing something that you really enjoy.

Our friendly team are on hand to help you get started. Call us on 01277 245840 to have a chat about working flexibly or alternatively you can get in touch by email here. We will be happy to discuss all of available options with you.

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