Do you fancy a career in education but not sure where to start? Then a teaching assistant role may be for you. Not only are you moving away from a 9 to 5 job but you’ll be making a difference to pupils lives. If you think this could be for you, then keep reading to find out why…


The role of a teaching assistant is to support the teacher and most importantly to make sure their pupils thrive both academically and personally. As well as acting as a guardian for the students, you are also there to offer them support both educationally and emotionally.

Career development

Along with helping the children grow and reach their potential, you’re able to do this in your career as well. Whilst you train as a teaching assistant, you are open to several avenues for career progression within the education sector. Opportunities to focus on specific academic areas such as special educational needs or disabilities or training to become a higher-level teaching assistant will open up for you as you start to gain more experience.

It’s never boring 

No two days are ever the same when you’re in the teaching profession – it’s a very varied job. One day you could be getting creative with the pupils and the next you could be providing your students with additional help. You’ll also get to help out on the school trips and help with school events.

Fits into your personal life

Working as a teaching assistant means that you work school hours, being the perfect role for anyone with a family looking for a good working-life balance. If you have children, then you’ll be finished around the same time as them and also means you won’t have to stress about taking time off for childcare during the school holidays either.

Making a difference

Although teaching is very demanding, you are able to flourish alongside your pupils. Whilst you’re helping children make the most out of their education, you’ll see the impact your work has had on your students’ lives.

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