Proposed changes to holiday pay.

The government have proposed changes to simplify holiday pay calculations to read more about this from the REC click here.

Our Managing Director Jeanette Holder explains why she welcomes this:

“Government legislation designed to support the majority of contracted candidates can occasionally have a negative impact on the minority, this was the case for holiday pay for contracted education professionals. The REC have been instrumental in driving the changes needed.

Most education recruitment companies include holiday pay in the candidates daily rate, this is called “rolled-up pay” and is the simplest way to ensure fair payment.  The alternative is to accrue holiday pay, this is a complicated procedure and difficult to interpret and implement.  The concern here is that the contractor may not receive their full entitlement.

The reason I became part of the REC executive team was to give a voice to small and medium size recruitment companies like Athona Education, so I am delighted by the proposed changes to holiday pay that the REC have championed, it will help to cut out small errors for them and the contractors they serve.”

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