Created in 1993, National Storytelling Week is an annual event celebrating the joy of stories and giving children of all ages the opportunity to discover and develop their love of books.

Storytelling creates a bond between the listener and the storyteller allowing them to enter a magical world inside their own imagination.

Lots of adults remember these times fondly, sitting in the classroom at the end of the school day waiting for the teacher to deliver the next instalment of the current adventure.

“Storytelling can be found enriching lives everywhere. The sharing between teller and listener empowers, feeding the imagination from one generation to the next.”- Society for Storytelling.

Storytelling also helps children with essential listening and literacy skills, as well as developing empathy as they learn to see and feel the world through someone else’s eyes.

The joy of stories is only increasing with the rise in audiobooks, with over a third of children having said they now enjoy listening to stories on devices as well as reading physical books themselves.

At Athona Education we want to support all our teachers taking part in National Storytelling Week, so click here to check out these free resources from Twinkl to help you in the classroom.

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