National Read a Book Day is an annual event celebrated every year on September 6th to encourage everyone to pick up a book and spend some quality time reading.

Some people read for fun and relaxation, some are holiday readers while others find it a bit of a chore, but whatever type of reader you are, the event is all about embracing books.

With so many books in the world, finding the right type (fiction, biographies, etc) is often the thing that changes an occasional reader into a bookworm. Similarly, a traditional paper book may not appeal to everyone, finding an alternative format (e-book, audiobook etc) is equally important for the reader to enjoy the experience.

So whether you are reading a new best seller or rediscovering an old favourite, National Read a Book Day is a great reason to get lost in a book.

Bringing National Read a Book Day into the classroom is the perfect excuse to get children excited about books and stories. A school assembly,  visit to the local library or introducing a new book for story time at the end of the day all help to spark children’s imagination and could encourage a life long love of reading.

Just 10 minutes of daily reading with children can have a massive impact on their development. Traditional books, e-books, comics and audiobooks can have a positive effect on their vocabulary, writing skills and concentration.

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