Graduate…then head back to school

So the years of hard study have paid off, you’ve graduated from university and now you’re ready to hit the town and when I say town, I mean your local high street and visit recruitment agencies to find a job. Well, that’s where Athona can help, with numerous opportunities available to you to assist in kick starting your career.

During your training you may have had experience with just one year group, but here at Athona we can place you with different age groups, meaning you not only gain a more wider variety of experience, but it could also expand your opportunities. Previously, you may have only ever considered primary – but a few days in a secondary school may completely change your mind. Whether you’re looking to make the transition from Primary to Secondary or from Secondary to Primary, then Athona can point you in the right direction.

As education recruitment specialists, we offer help and support to not only trained teachers, but to graduate students looking to work as instructors in schools. Over half of students graduating each year apply to jobs that don’t require the degree they have studied for. Sometimes students find they’ve worked for 3 years towards a degree in psychology for example, but end up panicking about finding work and taking any job that will provide an income. This is where we would encourage you to consider a career in teaching.  As an example, if you do have a degree in psychology then you can be considered for working with children who have Special Educational Needs, or a degree in English means you can teach English and Drama, or having a degree in Economics can lead to you teaching Maths – the possibilities are endless!

Whether you’re looking for temporary or permanent positions, Athona can find the right teaching job for you. You’re not limited to the role of instructor or teacher, you may also be interested in becoming a teaching assistant or nursery nurse and we have many of these roles available continuously.

So, if you’re interested in starting a career in education, trained or not, then Athona can help you on the right career path. There’s plenty of time to get in touch with our experienced recruitment consultants that will be able to provide you with further information on the opportunities we have available.

Contact our dedicated team on 01277 245840 or send them an e-mail.