Education summer jobs

There are many benefits to a teaching job or working in the education sector including a long summer holiday. This can be filled with exciting family days out, vacations or simply some peaceful time to yourself.

Teaching jobs and education work still continues over the summer. It is the perfect way for those of you with experience of working with children, to continue doing what you love the most during these long holidays. They are also a fantastic way to generate extra income throughout this unpaid season.

We have compiled just a few of the many education summer activities that you could get involved with, each one holding their own specific advantages to suit you:

Activity Camps

These are a great way to meet new people and work on an array of fun activities such as arts and crafts and various sports. These particular camps can run from a few days up to six weeks. Staff and children will usually stay in accommodation throughout the duration of the camp, giving everyone the opportunity to form new friendships. These particular camps are full of outdoor activities that are likely to include kayaking, rock climbing and bushcraft. So if you’re the adventurous type this would be perfect for you. No two days will be the same, so variety and excitement is definitely something that activity camps offer!

Activity Day Camps

Similar to activity camps, however, these tend to be on a daily basis giving staff the opportunity to work with a number of different children. These types of summer camps offer all sorts of fun things to do, such as playing sports from football to archery, or creating Arts and Crafts, such as clay modelling and face painting.


Nurseries remain open during the summer. The age range can be from 3 months to 4-year-olds. Previous experience of working within nurseries or pre-schools is advantageous, but not essential, however, if you have experience working with children and meet our safeguarding requirements, you may be able to get involved. This type of work over the summer would be particularly beneficial to teaching assistants looking to further their career, thus giving them the opportunity to gain more experience.


Over the summer period, many qualified teachers can help by giving students the opportunity to continue to provide the support they need. This tends to be one-to-one, extremely rewarding for teachers and allows them to closely follow the progress of their pupils, watching them grow and develop.

If Education Summer Work is something that may excite you or if you would like further information on this area, then please feel free to contact Athona Recruitment’s education team on 01277 245840, or drop us an email to and we will be more than happy to help!