Athona Education was kindly invited to join Sawyers Hall College for their 75th-anniversary celebrations last night (Thursday, 27th April 2012). Education Business Manager and Secondary Division Manager both attended the celebration after personally working with Sawyers Hall College supplying quality teachers over the past few years.

Jeanette Holder, Education Business Manager said of the evening:

“We met a number of pupils that were rightly boasting about the work and achievements throughout the years. During the evening we were able to watch two outstanding plays performed by the students, take a look at Science and PE displays as well as view Art & Photography exhibitions, all of which a school with 10 times the amount of pupils would have been proud to show.

Although we have missed the first 70, Athona Education is proud to have worked with Sawyers Hall College for the past five years.”

Robert Barrett, Secondary Division Manager said:

“I have worked with Sawyers Hall College for a number of years and due to its closing this year, expected the evening to be tinged with sadness. However it was a true celebration, a number of students spoke proudly of their time there and we found that the unique atmosphere within this school was promoting students to be excited about the next chapter in their lives. We’d like to personally thank Beverly Tucker for her time on this momentous evening and give special thanks to Sawyers Hall College for inviting us to this celebratory evening.”

Athona Education would like to thank both students and staff at Sawyers Hall College for the invitation and wish them all the very best of luck for the future.