Are you finding yourself with lots of gaps in your schedule? Could you benefit from some advice on how to fill your week? We thought we’d put together our top three tips.

1. Tell us your availability

Communication is key to gaining work. Make sure we know that you’re available.

We advise candidates to call us at least once a week; that way, we know exactly when you’re free. We also suggest following this up with a weekly email, ideally on a Thursday evening, outlining your availability for the week ahead.

2. Give feedback

It’s always good to provide feedback, but it’s important that your feedback is passed on to the correct person. Remember that you want the school to have a good first impression of you. So make sure that any criticisms are reported directly back to us and not the school. If something needs to be investigated further, we can do this on your behalf.

Positive feedback, on the other hand, can be given directly to the school, to the senior member of staff you report to on the day. Making a good connection on day one could give you the advantage over other candidates.

3. Leave a lasting impression

Needless to say, the most important people to impress are your class. If the pupils like you, you can be sure to build up a good reputation, fast! We’re not suggesting handing out treats, but achieving the right balance of intrigue, likeability and control, will certainly increase your popularity.