Revalidation and appraisal

Lightening your load with revalidation and appraisal support

These should count up/pull out fact

  • Doctors connected 668 (should go up again later this week, been on a bit of a cull!)
  • Successfully revalidated 672
  • Positive revalidation recommendation rate 83.7%
  • Deferral rate: 16%
  • Non engagement rate: 0.30%
  • Late recommendation made: 1.5%
  • Appraisals conducted via Athona to date: 2511 (this is only going back to 2015, will have to find the previous 2 years worth.

Our renowned appraisal and revalidation support

Preparing for your annual appraisal or revalidation can seem daunting. The good news is, help is at hand.

Since the GMC revalidation requirements were introduced in 2012, we’ve successfully revalidated 672 doctors* and every year we assist with over 500 appraisals. Better still, according to the GMC’s Revalidation Data Explorer we not only have one of the highest revalidation percentages, but also amongst the lowest deferral rate of all leading agencies.

To see how we compare, simply check out the Data Explorer and filter by ‘Designated body type’ to ‘Locum Agency.’

*Information correct as of February 2022.